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Revolutionary   Services

Sculpt Class

Our mid to high intensity class that combines Tone and Burn. Designed to keep your heart rate up, Sculpt will combine cardio movements with light weights and higher reps to burn calories while sculpting muscle.

Tone Class

Our medium intensity class focused on building strength through body and weight-assisted training. A slower pace designed to grow and define muscle groups

Burn Class

Our highest intensity and energy class designed to keep your heart rate maximized and muscles pumping. Burn will utilize minimal to no weights and focus on body weight, cardio and interval training to burn and sweat your way to results.

Personal Training

For more information on Personal Training please email the location you want more information on : – Wicker Park Location – Lincoln Park Location

Class Packages

Purchase 10 classes for $23 per class
Purchase 5 classes for $24 per class
Purchase 1 class for $29
Purchase 1 Month Unlimited class for $199
$179 per month
Purchase Unlimited classes for $179 per month *4 Month Minimum Contract
Mix and match your purchase with our assortment of classes.
  • Sculpt
  • Tone
  • Burn
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Personalized Training

Book 50 session for $65 per session
Book 35 sessions for $70 per session
Book 25 sessions for $75 per session
Book 10 sessions for $80 per session
Book 1 sessions for $85 per session
With Treads Gym personal training you will receive.
  • One-on-One Training
  • 50-55 Minute Sessions
  • Customized Workout for You
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Training Revolution by Treads Gym

About Treads Gym

Training Revolution is a revolutionary, personalized approach to high intensity group training designed for all fitness levels.

Our method of training is simple.

  • One, We take the time to get to know you and your goals.
  • Two, we create a training program that is challenging and fun.
  • Three, we motivate, support and push you to help you achieve your goals.

OUR MISSION: We revolutionize fitness. We provide motivation through instruction and innovation. We don’t compromise on form or movement. We focus on what works to reach your goals. We take personal training out of the box and make it accessible to everyone. We are the TRAINING REVOLUTION. #TRAINON


Training Revolution

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